About Us


For years I had wondered about how to enter the E-Commerce side of business. There just had to be a way, but being a Tradie and self employed, I felt as though it was far from reach. 

In 2021, I took a punt and a go at filming the work I do to share with the world, after all, not many people understand the work a plumber does - or for that fact, appreciate just how down right dirty we get.  I had to learn how to use a GoPro, how to navigate video editing software, how to manage filming, talking and working at the same time (which is a whole new level of skill I must say) and then somehow persuade Mrs P to get the scary world wide web stuff happening (totally out of my realm).  So this is how my adventures of YouTubing film editing and interactions with fans was born.  I decided to take a brave and bold move at sharing my love of unblocking drains and slowly but surely my channel grew.  Little did I know how much the rest of the world enjoy and get the same satisfaction as me. 

This is how PENETRATOR was born! 

But not without a catchy/ play on words name. You see, the name Penetrator actually comes from the name of a nozzle I use while clearing drains. So for those unfamiliar with this tool, it's quite a provocative / suggestive name that often gets people blushing and giving us a smirky little grin. 

This merchandise store has been created with our fans in mind (those who love love satisfaction of clearing drains) and to help build my E-Commerce dream!

 I hope you love sharing my things as much as I do! 

See you on the next one...



Teilia (aka Mrs P)

Mrs P, you might say, is the brains behind the tech side of things.  She works behind the scenes to keep the administrative duties up to date and on track.  Duties include licencing requirements, receipting, reconciling accounts, financial management, payroll, marketing, technical support and account management for Penetrators small family business
She is passionate about education and finds the psychology of behaviour very interesting.  In her spare time she loves tinkering and self learning the world of online tools and E-Commerce, going on epic travel adventures both locally and around the world, gardening, playing sport and just recently, raising their newest addition 'Little P'.
Mrs P is your 'go to' for anything technical here!