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Plant Carefully! Save Money Before Spending Money - Blocked Drain Awareness

Save money before spending money! Making smart, educated decisions as to which plants to include in your garden needs to extend further than shade, drought hardiness and how many leaves they will or won't drop in the pool. Thinking about the full life of the plant before you start digging could save on potential costs from blocked drains, damaged sewer pipes, pulling up driveways and paths in the long term.

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Brisbane Blocked Drain 179 - I need to find this blockage...

I am just your average Aussie Plumber...but far out I feel bad for the new owners and their blocked drain. First BIG rain floods the pool area. I need to find this blockage...If you're an addict to blocked drains, clearing chokes, tree roots, high pressure water jetting, cctv and watching an Aussie Bloke do his thing you will enjoy this channel.

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